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A well-established "Football" tradition: the Club Sportif Aubentonnais

Soon centenary! 

The Club Sportif Aubentonnais association was officially created on May 1, 1923, with affiliation to the French Football Federation (FFF) under number 5.28620.

It was disbanded and then recreated in 1991. The club was on hiatus for several periods of its existence. Affiliated again to the FFF in 1975. Read the history of the CSA in Alain Schlienger's book (p. 267).

The Club's website is unfortunately not up to date.

Currently, until the next GA which will take place in June, if conditions permit, the composition of the office is as follows:

President:  LETERTRE Jeremiah

Vice President: AXTMANN Steve

Treasurer: GRAVET Elisa

Vice Treasurer: BRUNOIS Stephane

Secretary: LE CORRE Antoine

Deputy secretary: HENNIAUX Quentin

The club is currently made up of two teams: a U12/U13 team and a senior team.

In 2019/2020, the club had 36 licensees: 24 players playing as seniors, 7 young people playing as U12/U13, 4 managers and 1 referee.

The main activity is the practice of football: training, championship and cups.

After a period of 2 complicated seasons, our club is on the upward slope, not only sportingly, but also extra-sportingly. A friendliness recognized by all the licensees and supporters of the club. We can rejoice in the existing atmosphere within the club. We would be happy to welcome the new municipal team to the edges of the field when next season resumes and during our General Assembly, the date of which remains to be defined!

The association is active extra sportingly with the organization of events: New Year's Eve meal, belote competition, holding the refreshment bar at the municipal festival, ...

Our facebook page is accessible by clicking on our logo    →

You can reach Antoine LE CORRE, secretary of CS AUBENTON at:

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